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JT McCraw began working when he was just nine years old. In those days, he picked up scraps for his dad who was a professional tradesman and small business owner. Years later, JT would rise to become one of Nashville’s premier upscale custom home builders.  His clients ranged from executives to professional athletes to entertainment stars.  As a third-generation construction professional, JT built his reputation on his innate ability to collaborate with architects, engineers and designers and produce stunning high-quality products. He was also known as an industry leader who could transform complex issues into simple, innovative solutions.    


Though JT was externally successful in those years, his personal life was slowly eroding and eventually collapsed.  It was then he began painstakingly learning the valuable lessons of noble manhood. He then underwent his own personal “life renovation.”  

Today, JT is the co-host of the Renovating Masculinity podcast, a John Maxwell certified Life Coach & Speaker, an independent life coach with Stephen Mansfield's GreatMan Coaching team, the Executive & Men's pastor at Bethel World Outreach and is one of the leading men’s ministers in the United States. He has traveled around the globe teaching men what he learned during his dark days of personal crisis.  He now coaches men and helps them build high quality noble manhood into their lives by drawing from his years as a successful custom builder. 


He has been married to Shelley for thirty years and has five children. He spends his spare time doing projects around his home, riding motorcycles, hunting, and continuing his ongoing search for the best brisket in the nation. 

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JT McCraw

"JT McCraw understands men and knows how to call them to their best.  He's one of the best leaders of men I know."

Dr. Stephen Mansfield

NY Times Best Selling Author

Mansfield Book of Manly Men

Most are unaware of the greatness that's seeded deep within their inner most being. They have settled in to mediocrity with a presumption that their life is good enough.   I've been there.

In 2004 my life hit rock bottom.  I had successfully lost everything.  My marriage was beyond repair, I had failed as a father and my business was in shambles.  Every area of the life I had built was a certified condemned area.  I felt directionless, hopeless and totally incapable of rebuilding my life.

It was in the moments of deep darkness that the light came on. Being a builder for years, I asked myself a simple question, "what if the same process of building beautiful custom homes was the same process of building an incredible life?"  The answer was an emphatic YES!

The lesson I learned over the next several years saved my life.  It took hard work,  the willingness to wrestle with tough questions and realizing I didn't have to settle for my lesser desires. Most importantly, I wanted to change!

Today, I share all over the world the lessons I learned during my "dark days." I've personally witnessed marriages saved, fathers being restored to their children and businesses prospering beyond imagination. 

It's what I want for every man I encounter.  You don't have to settle for less.  You were created for more than you can imagine. Everything you need already exists inside of you. You have the capacity.  You have the ability.  You can become a great man and accomplish more than you know.  

How can I be so confident?  Because I did.  Because I've seen hundreds of others renovate their lives. 


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